District Assessment & Accountability

Lisa Fulton, Director of Assessment & Accountability

Lisa Fulton, Director of Assessment & Accountability



Assessment is an integral part to good teaching.  Ada City Schools uses assessment as part of a cycle of continuous improvement in three ways that helps identify what is working and what may be improved.  Data is used instructionally; data helps measure student preparedness; and, data helps in evaluating progress towards standards.  Teachers regularly adjust instruction based upon results from formative assessments.  These assessments provide feedback immediately while learning is happening in the classroom.  Summative assessments, such as benchmarks, help assess students learning or preparedness for the next step in their educational journey.  Lastly, our Oklahoma State Testing Program helps evaluate progress toward state standards.  Together all assessments help improve instruction and student learning.  Ada City Schools is committed to continuous growth and improvement. We have adopted the guiding principle:  All students can grow and all schools can improve.

As always, the District is committed to working with parents and guardians to ensure that students are given the best opportunity for success.  Student academic performance along with state assessments can help parents understand where their children are making progress and where they may need some additional support.  Student academic performance data can be found through the Districtís on-line gradebook found on our homepage.  A Parent Portal for state assessment results can also be accessed through our website. 

The Oklahoma School Report Card is a multi-measures model of school improvement and performance.  It provides additional information, as well as academic achievement, to parents and communities regarding growth-centered indicators and school quality indicators.  Growth-centered indicators include academic growth and English language proficiency.  School quality indicators include chronic absenteeism and postsecondary opportunities which provide supplemental information beyond assessment scores.  Additionally, the report card will include basic information about schools, including enrollment, demographics, school offerings, per-pupil expenditures, and recognition for Programs of Excellence (not all will be available upon initial release but added incrementally).


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