Ada City Schools is committed to providing all students with quality educational experiences.  A student who is identified as an English Learner (EL) will have an English Language Academic Plan (ELAP) to tailor the studentís educational program to meet his/her unique needs as an EL student.

A Home Language Survey (HLS) is completed by the parent/guardian at enrollment.  If there is a YES on the HLS stating that another language other than English is spoken in the home, the child is screened with an English Language Proficiency (ELP) Test.  If a student does not test proficient on the ELP test, he is identified as an English Learner (EL) student and qualifies for EL services.  An English Language Academic Plan (ELAP) is generated by a campus team using the results from the screening to determine English Language Development goals, classroom instructional accommodations and testing accommodations for the EL student.  The EL student will be tested annually in the spring semester with the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 English Language Proficiency Test until the student tests proficient.

The majority of the EL students enrolled in Ada City Schools are provided educational services in the regular classroom which allows the EL student to participate in the core content instructional program as much as possible for the studentís proficiency level.  Supplemental language acquisition instruction will be provided as determined by the EL studentís ELAP.

Ada City Schools ensures EL students enjoy full access to all available curricular and extra-curricular activities by including EL students in all aspects of campus life. The same methods that are used to inform all staff, students and parents about equal opportunities available to all students to participate in programs will be used to assure that English learners are encouraged to participate in all programs that are offered throughout the school district.  Additionally EL students, as determined by the studentís ELAP, will be provided the needed support to access regular classes and extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and special programs, to be fully integrated into the Ada school system.

Ada City Schools has chosen to implement English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Development (ELD) as its model for its Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP).  This model was chosen as it currently best serves district EL students who are provided services in the regular classroom. For EL students to participate meaningfully in the regular classroom, the following components are incorporated in the LIEP to deliver language instruction educational services to English learners:

  • WIDAís English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards and WIDAís English Language Development (ELD) Standards are used in the instruction of the school districtís English Learners.  All teachers who serve English learners are responsible for being aware of these standards in planning daily lessons that address the needs of EL students
  • WIDAís Can Do Descriptors are available for use by classroom teachers to adapt the regular course content to meet the English Language Proficiency needs of the English learner in listening, speaking, reading and writing in each subject area
  • Classroom teachers provide instruction in language acquisition for EL students as they acquire vocabulary, learn its relevance, and its use; supplemental language acquisition instruction is provided as determined by the ELAP for the English learner
  • Certified teachers and staff work together to understand the learning and cultural challenges of each English learner
  • English learners are provided the needed support to access regular classes and extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and special programs, to be fully integrated into the Ada school system
  • English learners are provided the needed support to be college ready upon graduation
  • English learners who are Newcomers (or ELs who score 2.0 or below on the WIDA Screener) are provided the needed support to make a smooth transition to the academic programs in Ada City Schools


The following websites are resources for educators and parents regarding English Learner services:  

WIDA Resources for Educators and Parents

Title III-A, Limited English Proficient and Immigrant


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