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Ada City Schools - Washington


Mission:  To provide students an opportunity to be involved in an exceptional musical learning experience utilizing various styles of music and community performances. 

Sponsor:  The Honor Choir is under the direction of Ms. Janet Kirby.  Any student may resign the Honor Choir at any time by contacting Ms. Kirby by telephone, handwritten note or e-mail from parent(s) or child's responsible party.

Meets:  Wednesday mornings at 7:50.  Please eat breakfast before 7:50.


Mission:  To expose students to interdisciplinary learning experiences that provide superior opportunities for academic and personal growth, competition, and success outside the regular classroom environment.  Students participating in Academic Team competitions develop a high degree of personal motivation, self discipline, and recognition of the value of teamwork.

Sponsor:  The Academic Team Coach is Mrs. Jill Brown.  Students are selected through a try-out process.  Once selected, a student may resign through parent contact with Mrs. Brown.

Meets:  Once each week afterschool and once each week during lunch and recess.

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